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Dystopian Reach is an IN DEVELOPMENT game. If you have feedback post it on our reddit community, or send to @Qwarr on twitter. If you want news about DR dev you must follow @Qwarr!

Your vision fades as you breathe your last breaths of life. Without a moment of rest, you awaken again alive in the construct, with hordes of impending waves of enemies searching for you. You search too. Forever reaching for...

DR has a history of being in development since 2006. It has gone through many forms, and we've reimagined it several times, but never released anything public. This will probably not be the last DR project. We mostly work on DR for our own enjoyment. After you buy, you can access one of the first test versions years ago.

Download "OD" (For Windows, Mac, Linux (not tested), but only Windows has cool bullets) and see for yourself.

As of 7/19/2013 no builds of the main project are yet available! Only of the Old Demo.

Downloads are available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and more in the future. Read the site before buying! The game is in an early state, and when you buy you do so with the game AS IS with no expectation of future updates. This is a core focused project. We want to make a fun game of this genre. We may stop development at any time, or release a ton of updates often. By buying the game and showing your support you make it more likely we will focus development time on this game.

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