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Current version: (Preview 11)

- (Preview 10) Added four pets.
- (Preview 9) Added locations: Glacial Spines, Mystic Waters, Ember Summit, Herald Vessel
- (Preview 8) Added locations: Maroon Hills, Nethercity Outway, Dulcet Esker, Stormy Heath, Moss Desert
- (Preview 7) Added locations: Ever Springs, Blissful Bloom, Dawning Range, Fumigating Dunes, Bandit Forest
- (Preview 6) Added locations: Celestial Rise, Western Scornlands, Ravine Pass, Hazy Bosk, Sky Barb
- (Preview 5) Added locations: Wintertide Respite, Daybreak Wende, Endless Grasses, Hidden Thickets, Misty Treehouse
- (Preview 4) Added locations: Chorus Woods, Northern Eventide, Sister Peaks, Thunderous Wetlands, Crystal Den
- (Preview 3) Added locations: Royal Ridge, Auric Ritual, Verdant Yonder, Astrict Chalice, Lordlight Ruins, Treetown Vale
- (Preview 2) Added locations: Thorn Wisps, Arid Highlands, Oasis Cave, Ascendant Skies
- (Preview 1) First preview release. Included Shimmer Frost location.

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