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This game is included free for FaeVerse Solitaire Fate Collection owners! This game is in development, and we plan to polish it more and add more features before doing a full release.

Latest version:

F10 - Custom mouse toggle

F11 - Fullscreen toggle

FaeVerse Link is a simplified variation of a Mahjong solitaire like game called Shisen-Sho (also called Four Rivers). The objective of the game is to match two alike tiles in pairs until all tiles are removed. When you make matches the path to the match may not take any more than two turns. ♦ In most Mahjong games thick weighty tiles are used in play, but in FaeVerse Link thin light cards are used instead. ♦

The theme of this game is catharsis: the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions. ♦

The core gameplay does not have a timer. Play is casual, and stress free. ♦

We want to make this game better for you! If you like games like this, but there are some details about it that you think would make it better, please contact us with your suggestions. ♦

Mahjong solitaire games of the Shisen-Sho type are also called by these names Four Rivers, Nikakudori, Sa-Cheon-Sung, Shisen, Shisen-Sho, Shisenshō, Sichuan, Pang, Tiles, 四川省, 無料の二角取り, 사천성 ♦

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If you find any problems with this app please do the right thing and help us make the game better by contacting us with information about the problem.

• Relaxing Shisen-Sho Mahjong solitaire card game • Play casual mode, or at a higher difficulty of your choosing • More updates on the way - we want your feedback. If you like games like this, then please tell us what we can do to improve the game!

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